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Primary Schools Sporting Association (PSSA)

Representing Picnic Point Public School is a privilege made available through dedicated teachers working above their normal workloads.

All children 3 - 6 have the opportunity to trial for school representation in the East Hill District Public Schools Sporting Association (PSSA) competitions held Friday afternoons (1.00pm - 2.30pm).

Age relates to the age turned that particular year:

  • Junior – 8 / 9 / 10 year old               
  • Senior – 11 / 12 / 13 year old.

Teachers coach all PSSA teams. Parents with relevant expertise may be invited to assist the teachers.

There will be costs to cover the charges for bus travel and / or the hire of venues.

The East Hills district has a policy where no PSSA sport will be played during the summer months, therefore we have three 10 week seasons, these dates can be found the the Sentral Parent App.

Season one:

  • Netball - Girls junior A's, Junior B's, Senior A's and Senior B's
  • Newcombe ball - Mixed juniors and mixed seniors
  • Touch football - Boys juniors and boys seniors

Season two:

  • Basketball - Girls juniors, girls seniors, boys juniors and boys seniors 
  • Soccer - Girls juniors, girls seniors, boys juniors and boys seniors

Season three:

  • Touch football - Girls Juniors and Seniors
  • Cricket - Mixed boys & girls juniors and mixed boys & girls seniors
  • AFL -  Mixed boys & girls juniors and mixed boys & girls seniors

Selection of teams:

  • Teachers give up their own time to select and train a PSSA team
  • The teacher in charge of that team is responsible for the selection criteria
  • The teacher may base their selection process on: ability/skill level, behaviour, social interaction, self-esteem, sportsmanship, team work
  • The selection process is based on a number of sessions set out by the coach. These sessions will look at a number of skills relevant to the sport.

Permission notes:

  • Parents will be notified of up-coming opportunities for their child to try-out for a PSSA team. This notification will include likely costs, necessary equipment and training schedules involved for selected team members. A child without parental permission will be excluded from any such trials.
  • A permission note will then be necessary for the selected team members. These permission notes will be written using the ‘Guidelines for the safe conduct of sport and physical activity In schools' folder. (Principal's Office). This permission note will include a copy of the players & parents/ spectators codes of conduct which must be signed before participation will be allowed.  Failure by a student or parent to adhere to these codes will result in the suspension of the student concerned.
  • Details will include: costs / travel arrangements / training schedules / uniforms / a draw if possible.

Team uniform:

  • The school will supply team uniforms as required for each sport for example soccer shirt, netball bib, league jerseys, basketball tops.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that correct uniform is brought to school on game day. One warning will be given. Following a second breach the student will be stood down for that week.


  • The school will supply the necessary basic equipment for each sport/team representing the school in PSSA competitions for example cricket balls, bats, netballs etc.
  • The school will also supply any necessary safety equipment for example batting helmets, catcher's guards.
  • Students will be responsible for any personal safety equipment for example mouth guards, shin pads, personal protectors.
  • Students may utilise their own equipment e.g. cricket bat. This equipment should be suitably labeled and will be the sole responsibility of the student.