Picnic Point Public School

Empowering learners to shape their world

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About our school

Our school

Picnic Point Public School is a welcoming and safe learning environment that develops happy, self-disciplined learners with the skills to shape their world.

Our inclusive and innovative curriculumĀ lets us meet the personal, social and learning needs of all our students.

The morale at our school is high and we help students to expect - and achieve - success through the diverse range of experiences we offer them. We teach our students to value their achievements and to 'strive to excel' in all aspects of their lives.

Our close ties with the community are very important to us. The work of our school is built on a strong foundation of highly valued contributions of a caring, committed and professional staff together with an informed and involved parent body.

Our partnership with the universities of Sydney and Western Sydney, our local high schools, TAFE and local council provide targeted enrichment for learning and professional development.

The development of information and communication technologies and skills, environmental education and leadership development are our current focus.

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