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Executive committee

The executive committee undertakes the formal functions of the Picnic Point Public School Parents and Citizens' Association, a body corporate under the Parents and Citizens' Associations incorporation Act 1976.

The main role of the executive committee is to run the annual general meeting, monthly general meeting, and to elect official office bearers.  

Executive committee 2022

  • President – Michelle Pearce
  • Vice president – Andrew Thomas
  • Vice president - Alisa McAndrew
  • Secretary – Daniellem Lawson
  • Assistant secretary – vacant
  • Treasurer – Sheree Smith
  • Assistant treasurer - Maria Musumeci
  • School building fund - Michelle Pearce until filled
  • Publicity officer: Vacant
  • Canteen convenor - Niki DiSalvatoe
  • Canteen convenor - Julie Griffiths
  • Uniform convenor - Melanie Watters
  • Fundraising convenor Karen friend
  • Fundraising assistant convenor - Julie Griffiths

Safety officer

The safety officer provides an important role across the P&C, the school, and the local community. They manage first aid, OH&S and other issues such as local traffic concerns. 

  • Vacant