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Canteen subcommittee

The canteen is entirely volunteer run. Our canteen is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for recess and lunch. It is open Monday and Tuesday at lunch time only for iceblocks and snacks (no hot food or lunch orders).

The canteen remains the highest P & C fundraising activity, giving all profit back to the school. In 2017 we contributed $15,000 to the main P & C account which is then allocated to the school for resources.

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Apart from the day-to-day running of the canteen, the subcommittee undertakes fundraisers and not-for-profit activities:

  • Sausage sizzles
  • Disco catering
  • Welcome barbeque



We are always wanting new people to join us in the canteen - even if it's only one day a year you can donate your time. We'd love to meet you. Complete the form below and return to the school office. 

If you have any questions about volunteering or the canteen in general, please phone either:

  • Julie Griffiths, Convenor on 0417 774 883
  • Niki DiSalvatore, Convenor on 0400 270 171

Frequently asked questions

What should I write on the bag?

Your child's name, class and food order.

Do I need separate bags to order both lunch & recess?


How does the order get to the canteen?

Your child places it in the order box outside the canteen by 9:00am. Or if the windows are open they can hand it straight to a volunteer.

How does my child get their lunch?

Nominated children from each class go to the canteen at lunch time and take back to the classroom the lunch orders for that day.

What if my child's lunch order includes an iceblock/icecream?

Once your child has finished their lunch, they then bring their lunch bag back to the canteen where they will be given their frozen item.

Can my child order lunch on Friday if they are going to PSSA sport?


What if my child forgets their lunch?

Your child will be sent to the office to get the jellybean book. They will then come to the canteen to purchase food. Your child will bring home a note detailing what was purchased and the amount to send back to the school.